Schedule + Events

Book Reviews on an As-Finished Basis: I tend to finish most books over the weekend and post my review on Tuesday or Wednesday, but this is subject to change depending on how busy I am/how awesome the book is/when it’s being released if it’s an ARC, etc. Therefore, book reviews will be posted on an as-finished basis at this time.

Friday: UPDATE: I am no longer doing Friday!reads on my blog because a.) sometimes I don’t have time to round up all my books and check to see how far I’ve gotten and b.) I’ve noticed that my blog has kind of become overwhelmed with reviews. I love writing reviews, and I like that you all seem to enjoy reading them, but I like to keep other sorts of writing present on my blog as well, which is why I’m pleased to announce:

Freeform Fridays!

You might get anything. Seriously. Some weeks, it will be essays. Some weeks, it might be poetry. And sometimes, it might just be me taking a prompt and running with it for a couple of paragraphs, or pic-spamming things I like that are relevant, or talking about writing. There might be even be videos 🙂

Saturday: TV Reviews + Opinions.  (Currently Reviewing: Supernatural.)

Note: Currently, I am only reviewing SPN. When the new seasons of Leverage and Doctor Who begin, I will probably stop writing full reviews of the week’s TV and switch to a compendium format in which I talk about each new episode briefly. 🙂

Blog Events

February 14th to 21st: Love Week. In honor of Valentine’s Day, all of the posts for this week outside of normal reviews will have a romance theme, and there’ll probably be a few romance reviews in there too, depending on the state of my currently reading pile.

  1. Can You Feel The Love Tonight? ~Favorite Book Pairings~ (Posted on Valentine’s Day)
  2. Favorite Anime and TV Pairings (Of All Time and In No Particular Order) (Posted on 2/16/2012)


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