Review Policy + Ratings + Warnings

 Positive vs. Negative Reviews

I’m a very opinionated person. My reviews certainly reflect that; however, I do attempt to maintain a constructive attitude toward any criticism that I might have for any particular book. The overwhelming majority of my reviews are generally very positive– I  really do go in looking for strengths rather than weaknesses.   The views expressed in this blog are not intended to offend anyone, and if something has offended you, please feel free to drop me a line at and I will attempt to rectify the situation.

Warnings, Triggers, and Explicit Content

I do try to warn for any content within a particular book that might be unpleasant for some readers. I generally follow a G-NC-17 warning scale roughly equivalent to that used for films. My reviews themselves rarely have any explicit content, except for some mild swears, and if they do, I will warn for it along with spoilers/opinions/etc.

What You Will See In My Reviews

  • Honesty. I will absolutely, unabashed fangirl over anything that makes me happy; likewise, I will not mince words about elements that I do not favor.
  • Spoilers. Sometimes, for certain books — such as ARCs– I will write a spoiler free review, but the vast majority of my reviews contain spoilers. They will, however, be clearly marked as such right at the top of the page. IN CAPITAL LETTERS. Occasionally, if the spoilers are very, well, spoiler-y, then I WILL USE BOTH CAPITAL LETTERS AND BOLDFACE. (Yeah, sorry. I’m a bit of a drama queen about spoilers myself.)
  • Sarcasm. By the bucketload. I don’t mean it in a nasty way– I’m just a generally sarcastic person.
  • Letter grades AND star ratings, which really mean nothing in the grand scheme of things, but help me to organize my thoughts a little bit. They are NOT intended to be the Final Verdict on any given book; they are merely reflective of MY opinion of the book. My rating system is detailed below.
  • Pros and Cons, which are, well, exactly what they sound like. Again, these pros and cons are reflective of my opinions and nothing else, and as always, are intended for constructive use.

What You Will Not See In My Reviews

  • “Flaming”, “Trolling” or any other abusive and destructive behavior.
  • Unwarned content, including spoilers, swearwords, and violent or sexual content.
  • More than one or two lines of text quoted directly from a book.
  • Self-advertising or promotion. I save that for my bragging posts, thank you very much.

What I Like To Read

Romance, especially historical or paranormal romance. Science Fiction and Fantasy of any sort. Strong, quirky YA novels. Ghost stories. LGBT novels, especially when the world is not a “gay utopia” and yet the focus is not so much on the character’s sexuality as it is on the character/plot/romance. Mysteries and crime fiction, especially those with a unique premise and/or cross-genre appeal. Horror. Fiction featuring strong women.

What I Don’t Like To Read

Most vampire books (there are certain exceptions, but I’m just really not into that genre these days). Non-consensual sex scenes. Endorsed abuse of women or minorities. That’s about it.

If You Would Like Me To Review a Certain Book….

Readers: Please comment on any blog post and/or email me at with your request and I will do my best to accommodate it. Please include “Review Request” in your subject line.

Authors: If you’re an author interested in having your book reviewed on my blog, please drop me a line at I prefer hard copy ARCs, but can also accept eBooks formatted for Kindle.

Rating System

The rating system that I use in my reviews is as follows.

0 stars: Did not finish. (Used in EXTREMELY RARE circumstances.)

1 star: D. Will not reread/read other books in series. (Very rarely used.)

2-2.5 stars: C. Will probably not reread/other books in series will be low priority.

2.5-3.5 stars: B.  Might reread, will read other books in series.

4 stars: A. Would reread. Will definitely read other books in series.

4.5-5 stars: A+. Will definitely reread, eagerly awaiting other books in series.

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