PSA: semi-permanent hiatus

As I’m sure my followers have noticed, I’ve been… less than active recently. To be honest, this summer kind of got on top of me, and I honestly don’t see my schedule clearing up any time soon as I go into my first year at University, so this blog is going to be on a semi-permanent hiatus until further notice. I apologize to anyone whose comments or questions have not been answered, and thank you all for bearing with me patiently!

You can still find me over at Goodreads, where I will be reviewing the books/comics/manga that I read in an abbreviated fashion. My Twitter is also a good place to catch me, and I also have a YouTube account where I will occasionally be video-reviewing.

Again, thank you all so much! It’s been a really cool experience, blogging with all of you; know that I’m not going away forever, either. I just want to focus on my studies (and writing/applying to the Dell Awards!) for at least this first semester. :3