TV Review: Supernatural 7.13 “The Slice Girls”

To be honest, the preview for this episode made me cringe for many reasons, but the most overwhelming one was that this seemed like a very “Breaking Dawn”-type premise to me. It wasn’t enough to make me not want to tune in– this is Supernatural, after all!– but it did make me a little nervous. Thus, I was pleasantly surprised when the episode managed to avoid this trap in a way that shows that they still have some awesome writers on their staff.

The basic plotline of “The Slice Girls” is very simple. Dean breaks his long run of celibacy in a super-sexy/super-gory montage set to ACDC’s “You Shook Me”. Stuff happens. Dean forgets about it and goes back to investigating the case. Dean goes back for something and HELLO BABY. It could have easily been done very poorly, but I thought the execution was quite unique– I liked the incorporation of the Amazon myths– and as always, Dean in emotional turmoil over his “daughter” is both heartbreaking and sadistically hilarious. There was even some exploration of The Case of Dean’s Vanishing Drink, which I am firmly sticking to as a theory now, thankyouverymuch. Nothing is EVER a coincidence in the SPN universe, guys.

Overall? This was a solid, entertaining episode that was well-written and well-executed, which I was starting to think was an impossible concept for season 7. Very nice work.


  • Dean naked + sexytimes. Set to “You Shook Me”. Hell to the yes.
  • Furthering the case of Dean’s vanishing drink, if a little ham-handedly.
  • The Amazons were actually pretty cool except for the getting killed with bullets thing.
  • Smug!Sam. Oh, how I’ve missed the Stanford-educated, wryly funny Sam. He tends to get lost amongst Brooding!Sam and Stupid!Sam.


  • I think the special effects are getting WORSE instead of better. The red-eye thing on the Amazons was terrible.

Final Rating: A. Overall, a very solid episode with quite a few intriguing little bits.

Coming Up Next: Sam gets cornered by a bunch of clowns, according to the trailer which can be found here at SpoilerTV. Seeing as this is going to be written by the “dream team” that made such a mess of the episode with Becky earlier this season, I don’t feel at all optimistic about it.*

*That said, this sneak peek was pretty awesome, so I might have to suck it up and ignore the fact that the last episode they wrote was AWFUL.

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